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Wash Clubs

Wash Clubs provide an excellent alternative to Hamilton’s ExpressPass RFID system. The automated sign-up process for customers is fast, autonomous, and relieves your employees of the administrative work that comes with a typical RFID pass sign-up. Furthermore, the lack of a windshield tag makes it a great solution if your washes are not always attended. Wash Clubs have come a long way since they where first introduced.

Originally the Wash Club service was restricted to Mobile App users who could claim a subscription via a generated QR code on the mobile device screen. Wash Clubs can now be used with all three verification devices (LPR,RFID,APP) making the ability to offer end users access to a monthly subscription package even easier than before.

Wash Club Details

Customize the Experience
  • Each wash club can be designed with its very own set of rules.
  • Wash periods can be set to Unlimited, quantity per day, quantity per month.
  • Individual settings per user for granular customization options
Sign Up is FAST
  • Members can choose a preferred wash club anytime, anywhere with the Custom Mobile App.
  • Memberships can be obtained directly at the Kiosk with Kiosk Sign Up (Where Available)
  • Kiosk Sign Up captures vehicle and payment information, and lets the member immediately get a wash!
  • Sign Up at the Kiosk takes less than 30 Seconds (Purchase to Wash Vend)
Redemption is Easy
  • Mobile App users can tap the 'Wash Club' button on the Mobile App home screen to generate a unique code for the registered vehicle. Scan the code at the Kiosk to redeem a wash.
  • LPR members upon pulling up to the kiosk will get identified and wash will vend.
  • RFID members upon pulling up to the kiosk will get identified and wash will vend.

It is highly recommended to have the Mobile App to facilitate a back up policy in case of hardware issues with LPR or RFID systems.

Wash Club Sign Up

If the menu option exists underneath Wash Clubs for Wash Club Sign Up this menu entry will take you to the Customers Grid. The reason for this is that at the top of the Customers Grid are links to Add a Wash Club User or an Express Pass User. For the sake fo this section of the Wiki we will be focusing on the first option which is how to "Add Wash Club User".

Once you are on the Customers grid, click on "Add Wash Club User" in the upper left area of the grid, the blue button is located beneath the link to view the Wash Club Members customer grid. This will pop up a dialog window which is the Wash Club Sign Up form.

Sign Up Definitions

The pop up window that is displayed when signing up a new wash Club member via the Hosted Solutions Interface.

The following definitions refer to the Wash Club Sign up window as seen in the image.

  • Email: This is the Email address of the new Wash Club member; also used for app sign in if the app is available and for sending invoices, etc.. (Required)
  • Confirm Email: re-enter the same address entered in the field above. This helps prevent typos.(Required)
  • First Name: The first name of the new Wash Club member. (Required)
  • Last Name: The last name of the new Wash Club member. (Required)
  • Phone Number: The mobile number of the new member. (Required)
  • Postal Code: The postal code that belongs to the new Wash Club member (Required)
  • Birth Month: The numerical value of the month the the new Wash Club member was born.
  • Birth Day: The numerical value of the day that the new Wash Club member was born
  • Wash Club: This will list all current Wash Clubs created within Hosted Solutions to choose from as well as list the current pricing.
  • Vehicle License Plate: If available this information can be added to support LPR wash club redemption or future LPR deployment
  • State: This list will populate either with State values or Providence values depending on wash location. Please choose the one that the new Wash Club member lives in.
  • Vehicle Year: The year of the new Wash Club member vehicle.
  • Vehicle Make: The make of the new Wash Club member vehicle.
  • Vehicle Model: The model of the new Wash Club member vehicle.
  • Vehicle Color: The color of the new Wash Club member vehicle.
  • Create User Button: Click this button to create the new Wash Club member after all other fields have been entered.

Wash Club Setup

When you click on Wash Club Setup, The first thing you will see is the standard item grid. This grid displays the current wash clubs that are available to your customers through the mobile app. You will see:

  • The Name of the club
  • The kiosk item associated with the specific wash club
  • The Sign up price.
  • The Monthly Price.
  • The Active column, this tells you at a glance which Wash Clubs are visible on the app for purchase.
  • The Max Uses column will display how many times this wash club can be used within the defined use period found in Wash Club Settings.
  • Timer Max Uses displays how many times this wash club can be used at a timer during the defined App Scan Timer Max Use Period found in Wash Club Settings.
  • You can find the 'Edit' and 'Delete' links to the far right of the wash club entry.

NOTE: Deleting an existing Wash Club can be tricky and sometimes the best action is to set it to inactive. If a wash club has subscribers, it cannot be deleted. However any Wash Club can be activated or inactivated at any time.

Editing an existing Wash Club

To the far right of the item grid, there is the Edit button. Clicking edit will open a new panel that looks a lot like the product and deals panel. It is here that you can change any of the existing settings for this specific Wash Club. From changing the item details, to modifying the appearance of the Wash Club within the app. Choose the locations you wish your customers to be able to redeem the wash club, and make sure the correct wash item is being issued with the Wash Club.

Creating a new Wash Club

Under the wash club grid you will see a New Wash Club button. When this is clicked you will be presented with the same type of panel as the edit panel, except all the values for the wash club will be blank. You can choose to copy the Item Name and Item Details for your Wash Club directly from the kiosk item information. Simply check the boxes for "Use Item name" and "Use item Detail" unchecking these boxes will then allow you to make changes to the existing text without having to start from scratch. Your sign-up price can be lower than your monthly price to entice your customers and offer a first month discount for new members. As always you can choose from a selection of complimentary colors and a vivid image to help distinguish this wash club from others.

  • WASH CLUB DETAILS - This allows you to describe your Wash Club and any details you feel your customer should be aware of.
  • WASH CLUB TERMS & CONDITIONS - These can be viewed by a user any time from the side menu, and are also shown to users signing up to the Wash Club.
  • WASH CLUB MESSAGES - If you have HTK/CTK or Commander kiosks, you can program custom messages for your Wash Club users.
    • Ex. Greet them by name on the touch screen, or leave a thank you message at the bottom of their receipt.
  • Wash Club Name - enter the name of your wash club.
  • Max Use Period
    • UNLIMITED: this lets a customer use the club an unlimited amount of times.
    • DAY: this lets a customer use the club X number of times per day.
    • MONTH: this lets a customer use the club X number of times per month.

  • App Scan Max Use Period
    • UNLIMITED: this lets a customer use the App pass an unlimited amount of times.
    • DAY: this lets a customer use the App Pass X number of times per day.
    • MONTH: this lets a customer use the App Pass X number of times per month.

  • App Scan Max Uses- set the number of times the App Pass can be used based on the App Scan Max Use Period.
    • Ex. if you want to only allow App Pass usage once per day, you would select DAY as the App Scan Max Use Period, and '1' as the Default Max Uses.

  • Default Pass Reuse Inhibit Time - this establishes how soon a pass may be reused after its last use. This setting is in minutes. Zero (0) means no restrictions.
  • Receipt Mode - this setting tells the kiosk whether or not to present a receipt for the current loyalty transaction.
    • Receipt Mode Values
      • Kiosk Default (the receipt prints using the kiosks current settings and rules)
      • Always
      • Ask
      • Never

  • Name- enter the name of your plan, for example Ultimate Wash Club.
  • Use Item Detail- select the checkbox to pull existing kiosk item detail over. Deselect if if you wish to edit the content.
  • Signup Price - you can set a lower Sign-Up price to entice users to join your club. This will default back to the standard club plan price from month 2 and beyond.
  • Color & Image - select the background color and image you would like to use for the club plan name.
  • Active - his is selected by default. To deactivate a club plan, simply deselect the checkbox.
  • Item - select the wash package that will correlate with the club.
  • SKU - this can remain blank.
  • Allow Upgrades - if enabled, this treats the award as a credit, which would allow the customer to upgrade their wash if they chose to.
  • Auto Select - if enabled, this will automatically take the customer to the checkout page. If you do not offer buy-ups, it will automatically vend the wash.
  • Locations - choose the locations the Wash Club can be used at.
  • Terminals - if you only want the Wash Club to work at a specific terminal(s), enter the terminal ID here.

Pause Accounts

About Pause Accounts Features Screenshot
  • When Loyalty Account Billing is turned OFF, ExpressPass and mobile Wash Club accounts will not be billed. ExpressPass and mobile Wash Clubs will also not be accepted at the car wash while billing is off.
  • When Loyalty Account Billing is turned back ON, accounts will resume billing on their normal billing day.
  • Global Account Pause
  • Just In case Feature
  • Easy two button function
The Wash Club Pause Accounts Page

Add Washclub to a New Device

If the subscriber has replaced the phone originally used to purchase a Washclub they may be unable to redeem the Washclub on the new device. The Washclub when purchased was married to the Electronic Serial Number (ESN) of the phone. If a Wash Club account is signed into on a device that does not match the ESN of the original purchasing device, then wash club redemption will be denied. This is a security feature so that multiple devices cannot leach off one account.

To allow a Wash Club member to use a new device (In case of lost, stolen or replaced device)

  1. Login to Hosted Solutions
  2. Click on Customers to the left (People Icon)
  3. Locate and click on the name of the customer who is using a new device.
  4. Scroll down to Wash Club Management and click the drop down arrow.
  5. Click the yellow “Release Device ID” button.
  6. A pop up declares “Device ID successfully released.”
  7. Click the X on the pop up.
  8. You have successfully released the account.

The member may log in (They may have to log out and back in) on the new phone and access their membership.