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How do I cancel a Wash Club member correctly? Set the customers billing cycle from "Active" to "End Billing Pending" this allows the customer to use the wash club for the remainder of their pre-paid period. After which point the account will automatically shut off. To re-enroll the customer just needs to go through the sign up process like they did the first time. Users can now do this by tapping the main menu and choosing "Wash Club Management", at the top of the app there will be a button that reads "Cancel Washclub" . If this button is not present you may request it by contacting Hamiltons customer service department. This can usually be activated and added to your app within the hour of request.
Is there a Management App or Hosted Solutions Owner App? No, currently the Hosted Solutions Web page is accessible via any web connected device, and the web site is designed to scale with various screen resolutions. Hamilton has no current plans for a management app.
I want to give my wash club member a free month, how do I do that? Setting Billing Start Date would work. The setting name is slightly misleading. Setting Billing Start Date to a future date prevents an account from billing before that date. Billing will happen on the day specified by Billing Day. Something to keep in mind when setting Billing Start Date... If you have an account that is set to bill on tonight 7/20, you would set Billing start Date to 8/20. This would cause the system to skip tonights billing. If the account was already billed for the month, say on 7/15, you need to set Billing Start Date to 9/15 to give away a free month.
Is there a way to offer Family or Group wash clubs? This is possible but lacks the finesse that is currently present in the RFID/Express Pass solution. Set Up a Family Plan.
A Wash Club member got a new phone. Why can't they claim the wash club? This is due to the Wash Club being "Married" to the phone that originally bought the Wash Club. To release the old device and allow a new device to access the membership, navigate to Mobile App and the User Grid in Hosted Solutions. Find your Wash Club member who has a new phone and click on the user name. Scroll down the user's account page until you see WASH CLUB MANAGEMENT and expand the menu. You will see a yellow button that says "RELEASE DEVICE ID" . Click this button and have the app user completely log out of the mobile app and log back in. When they tap the Wash Club button they should now be able to claim the subscribed wash club.
Is there a way to remove one of the home screen cards on the mobile app or add a new button? How about re-arranging the order? If you would like to make changes to these cards, the card order or which cards are present. Contact Hamilton Hosted Solutions Support.
An app user did not get the validate email. How do I activate them and let them log into the app ? To manually activate an invalid Customer (The category the user goes to if the email is not validated):
  1. Navigate to Customers
  2. Click the red “Invalid Customers” Banner
  3. Search for the specified user who is inactive
  4. Click the username
  5. Click “Edit” in Profile
  6. Change the Drop down for User Status to “Active
  7. Click “Save
  8. The user is now Active.
  9. You may stop at this point and notify the user that they may proceed to login to the app with the email and password they created


  1. You can click on the red “Reset Password” button next to the “Edit” button in profile.
  2. This will automatically send the user a new email letting them know that the account is Active, and that the password has been changed.

A short video on the process of setting an app user to Active and resetting the app password for them.