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This tutorial will walk you through your new mobile app. We’ll go over the front side of the app (what the customer sees on their mobile phone), as well as the back side, (what you’ll edit and update in Hosted Solutions).

Hamilton Technical Support:

Monday - Friday 8 AM – 6 PM, and Saturdays 8 AM – 4:30 PM

(419) 867-4852

Getting Started

You need to be in front of a computer or a tablet.

We suggest being at a computer and also having a smart phone available for this tutorial. If no computer is available, a tablet or smart phone may be substituted. If you’re going through this document with a Hamilton Customer Service Representative, we may request a LogMeIn session.

On a PC: If you’re going through this document by yourself, please navigate to your Hosted Solutions Account:

On Mobile Device: Navigate to your app store and download your new custom mobile app. Once downloaded, please create a user account and verify your email before continuing.

The Customer App Experience

On your phone: you should be logged into your app with new account and, be looking at the Home page.

You will see a loyalty tracker for future purchases. Every $1 spent equals 100 loyalty points. We will discuss the Loyalty Award options in a little bit. Tap the loyalty tracker, a more detailed explanation of the loyalty reward system is given, and you are also presented with a button to view location information (see pages 9 and 10 for more information).

The card options are listed below (the cards on your app are what Hamilton set up with you initially on your Mobile App Order Form). There can be a maximum of 5 home cards. What you see on your screen may be different than screenshots in the app store or from other apps.. If you want to change any of these you’ll need to contact Hamilton. The card descriptions are listed below.

Buy A Wash – Displays Washes listed under “Products” in Hosted Solutions. Provides wash details and the ability to purchase them.

• Deals & Promo Codes – Displays the prompt to enter any promotional codes as well as displays any deals that were created on the Global Deal page in Hosted Solutions as well as any wash bundles created on the product page in Hosted Solutions (see pages 9 and 10 for more information).

• Wash Clubs – Displays the Wash Club Details and then a button to view any existing Wash Clubs. Not all apps have Wash Clubs, this will depend on your Mobile App Order Form and Hosted Solutions subscription level. (See page 4 for more information.)

Invite A Friend – Defines the referral program and provides a custom invite code per app user with a share button to send it via text or other common sharing options (See page 13 for more information.)

Send A Gift – Optional button in place of Wash Clubs typically. This takes you to the same gift purchasing screen as if you went to the hamburger menu  in the upper left corner and chose “Send a Gift.” (See page 14 for more information.)

•  AirPAY – Displays the definition of AirPAY; and if you enter your credit card info, it will generate a one-time (30 second) QR code to be used underneath a scanner for a no-touch alternative to using a credit card. (This is not to be confused with Apple Pay and Google Pay)

App Navigation Bar (Bottom) - A quick menu bar for easy access to central functions. It contains the following buttons.

Home – Returns to the main App page, where you can choose what you want to do.

Notifications – A quick shortcut to any notifications that were received in the past or present. This will also show a red numeration in the corner of the bell icon when there are unread notifications. This is also the destination of the app whenever someone clicks one of the push notifications sent from HHS.

Account – All the personal details of the customer that is signed into the app. Here you can store your credit card info, review your purchase history, turn on and off the ability to receive push notifications, as well as view various terms & conditions and policies that cover the app. At the very bottom of this menu, you can also verify the app version and choose to Log out of the app.

Wallet – Here you will find any item, deal, or gift that has been sent to the user and reserved for later use. Simply choose a wallet item, and it will provide a QR code for use at the kiosk to redeem your deal, item, or discount.

Hamburger Menu  (Upper Left **Three Horizontal Bars**)

This is the “Main” menu and contains links to each function of the app. A list of the menu options and a brief description is included below. A more detailed explanation of these options will be provided as they are covered in the tutorial.

•  Home – Returns to the main app landing page.

•  My Wallet – A list of all deals, and wash items purchased for later use.

•  Washes – The same as the “Buy a Wash” button. Offers wash items for purchase.

•  AirPAY – Displays the AirPAY definition and the AirPAY QR code, if available.

•  Loyalty – The same as clicking the “Loyalty” award gauge – displays loyalty award status.

•  Invite Friends – Same as “Invite a Friend”. Displays a share button and your invite code.

•  Deals – Takes you to the “Deals & Promo Codes” page. Displays Bundles and Deals available for purchase or claim.

•  Send a Gift – Allows app users to gift a wash to a friend.

•  Find Us – Displays a map and list of locations. Displays options to view the specific locations wash items, or to get directions.

•  My Account – Information regarding the registered user, any card on file, and account management tools. Also contains links to terms and conditions and the privacy policy. There is a “Delete Account“ button for a user to remove all personal information from the app.

•  Notifications – Shortcut to the Notification history page.

•  Support – A list of FAQs (that you can add to and edit), as well as a support email and phone listed at the bottom.

•  Privacy Policy – Outline of what information is used and how from the app.

•  Log Out – Exit the app and when opening again be presented with the credentials page.

Configure the App Experience (Merchant Side)

On a desktop computer (if available) log into Hosted Solutions ( and we’ll go through all of the important information on the merchant side.

Setting Up Wash Clubs

If the location has Wash Clubs this menu option will appear.

If the location does not, then the menu option will either be hidden or unclickable.

In Hosted Solutions, navigate to Wash Clubs above the Mobile App menu and click on Wash Club Setup.

For demonstration purposes, if the site has not already provided Wash Club details or prices, a Wash Club might be created based on a single wash at 3x the price.

To set up a new Wash Club:

·       Navigate to Wash Clubs > Wash Club Set Up

·       Click the blue “Add Wash Club” button below the Wash Club table

When creating and editing Wash Clubs you’ll be asked for additional information. Here are definitions of each field:

·       Active - If the “Active” box is checked, the Wash Club will appear on the app. Customers can still be manually assigned to inactive washes, they just don’t show up on the app for them to choose themselves; this is a great way for wash operators to have “secret” Wash Clubs they can assign to friends and family.

·       Use Item Name – If you don’t want to assign your Wash Club a special name you can check this box, which will name the wash the same as the item you select under “Item”.

·       Name – Assigns the Wash Club a unique name (or have it “use item name” as described above).

·       Use Item Details – If you don’t want to assign your Wash Club different details than you’ve already entered for an item’s details, just check this box.

·       Details – If you want to enter in unique Wash Club details (different than items you’ve already entered).

·       Sign Up Price – The price people pay when signing up for the club. A great option when offering a discounted first month for the club. Covers the first month of use.

Some IMPORTANT notes on Sign Up Price:

o   Do not leave this field blank or at $0.00. Even if you don’t have a discounted first month you still need to enter the monthly price in this field.

o   There is an anti-abuse system built in. If customers start a Wash Club at a discounted rate, cancel it, and then they go to sign up again they are no longer eligible for a discounted first month rate.

·       Monthly Price – The price of the Wash Club for all months after the initial sign-up price.

DO NOT SET THE COST TO $0.00. Doing so will result in users being able to get the Wash Club for free.

·       Set Max Uses – Check this box and then choose a number if you want to override what you have set up under “Wash Club Settings”. If you want a different max use setting for this wash (for example, only once a month when the rest can be used once a week you’d set this max use to 1). See Wash Club Settings below for more details on how to set up max uses overall.

·       Color – Choose a color for the background of the item being displayed within the app.

·       Image – Choose from one of 17 images to add to the background of your product listing (custom images cannot be added at this time).

·       Item – Select which item is included in this Wash Club.

·       Location – Check which locations this Wash Club can be used at (if you have multiple locations).

·       Allow Upgrades – If selected, when a customer redeems a Wash Club, they have the option to also pay for additional upgrades. Customer will have to pay for any buy-ups added with cash or credit card.

·       Auto Select – If selected, when a customer comes to redeem a Wash Club, it will automatically select the Wash Club wash, and no upgrades options will be available to the customer to also purchase.

·       SKU – A unique word or combination of letters and numbers to easily identify the item for your own accounting purposes.

·       Terminals – Another word for kiosks. If you have multiple terminals at your location, you can toggle on or off which ones can be used for the Wash Club.

To edit an existing Wash Club:

1.     Click on Edit next to the Wash Club. In the window that pops up, edit the details as needed.

2.     Customers are not automatically notified when their Wash Club changes (for example, a price change). It is up to you, the merchant, to contact customers about changes.

3.     Once a Wash Club has been assigned or purchased, it cannot be deleted from Hosted Solutions.

Wash Club Settings:

Under the Wash Club table is Wash Club Settings. Expand the box to see everything you can configure. Click “Edit” to change any of these:

Here are definitions of each field under Wash Club Settings:

·       Wash Club Name – Default name for a Wash Club when a new one is set up.

·       Max Use Period – Choose between month, week, day for how often a customer can redeem their Wash Club

·       Max Uses – How many times in the period (chosen above) the wash can be redeemed. If you want the user to be able to use it twice a month: choose “Month” for Max Use Period and then 2 for Max Use

·       App Scan Max Uses – This limits how many times a Wash Club that was set up using LPR technology will allow for app scan override. For example: if a customer’s license plate is dirty and cannot be read, they can still utilize their Wash Club if they use the app. We suggest setting this number low (1 or 2) to prevent potential abuse, as the app scans do not count against their Wash Club LPR scans.

·       Default Pass Reuse Inhibit Time (Minutes) – How long in between uses the Wash Club can be redeemed again. For example: if you allow for max use to be 2x/month but want to discourage abuse, you could set Default Pass Reuse Inhibit Time to 20 minutes so customers still need to wait at least 20 minutes before redeeming again.

·       Receipt Mode – Lets you choose how (or if) a receipt is provided to the customer.

·       Wash Club Support Email – The contact method people will see on their app when they need support regarding the Wash Club.

·       Wash Club Support Phone – The contact method people will see on their app when they need support regarding the Wash Club.

·       Display Use Count – When checked, Wash Club members can see how many times they’ve used their Wash Club.

·       Wash Club Time Enabled – Allows Wash Club QR code to be used to activate vacuums, self-serve bays, and pet washes equipped with Hamilton DTT2/DTI2 timers.

·       Wash Club Time (Seconds) – Sets how long Wash Club members can use any of the timer services mentioned above.

Details and Terms

Double check to make sure Wash Club Details and Wash Club Terms are populated and briefly go over these texts. These are the legal terms and description for the Wash Club. So, if the merchant changes Wash Club policies or procedures, they will want to review and update these boxes accordingly.

Wash Club Sign Up Completion

If checked, when a user completes a signup, you can display a custom message in the app before they use the plan. This can be instructional or a simple thank you. The message is added below under “Wash Club Messages”.

If left unchecked, no message will appear after a user signs up.

Wash Club Messages

Where you edit the message customers see after signing up for the Wash Club. You can edit both the message they would see when signing up at the kiosk or on the mobile app here.

Check out the “Tags” button. This allows you to personalize the message.

Wash Club Messages Assignments

Allows you to personalize the receipt or kiosk display to thank the customer by name.

Pause Accounts

Beneath the Wash Club Setup menu option is Pause Accounts – This was ideal for Pandemic/Lockdown policies where you need to mass disable or pause all loyalty accounts for a period. This is system wide and affects ALL members.

Products Tab

Products on your mobile app are independent to those on your kiosk. Adding a product to your mobile app section of Hosted Solutions will not add it to your kiosk. These products are only available to app users. Many merchants like to discount product prices on the mobile app to incentivize app use and increase advanced wash purchases.

To create a new or edit an existing product:

4.     Click “New” (in green font on the top of the products table) or “Edit” next to an existing product.

5.     A window will open where you create or edit the product details.

When creating and editing products you’ll be asked for additional details. Below are the definitions of each term:

§  Active – This controls if the product will be visible on the App or not.

§  Product Type – This will determine if you choose a single wash item or are offering a bundle.

§  Kiosk Item – The actual Kiosk Item associated to this app product.

§  Use Kiosk Item Name - If checked, it will copy the Kiosk Item name from the Kiosk Items settings page.

§  Name – If the above is not check marked, you may give this product a custom name.

§  Use Kiosk Item Details – Fills in all the details of the associated wash item if the details were already typed in the Kiosk Items settings page.

§  Details – If the above is not checked, you may create your own custom details for this wash item.

§  Quantity – If you chose the Product Type of Bundle, you may choose how many items to give with this purchase.

§  Custom Price – Check this box if the wash product will have a different price than what is listed on the Kiosk.

§  Price – If the above is checked, you may enter your custom price here.

§  Award Location – If you have multiple sites, check mark the sites this item is redeemable at.

§  Terminal ID – Each kiosk should have a terminal ID entered. You can then use the terminal ID to restrict which kiosk is able to redeem certain products.

§  Terminal IDs – A list of entered Terminal IDs from above.

§  Color – Choose a complimentary color for the background of the item being displayed within the app.

§  Image – Choose from one of 17 images to add to the background of your product listing (custom images are not available at this time).

§  Purchase Limit – If this is a bundle, you can limit how many bundles a customer can purchase. This is a lifetime limit per user.

§  Limit Start Date – The date to enable the purchase limit if set above.


There are two types of deals: Global Deals and Promo Codes. When creating and editing deals you’ll be asked for additional information. Here are definitions of each field:

§  Deal Name – How the deal will be named in the app (customers will see this).

§  Description – Explanation of the deal (customers will see this).

§  Terms – Any fine print or additional information you want to include about this deal (e.g. cannot be combined with any other offer).

§  Award Type – There are 3 different deal award types. Below are the definitions of each:

o   Item – Gives a free wash item.

o   Transaction Dollar Discounts – Take a set dollar amount off the price off any transaction ($1 off your purchase).

o   Item Dollar Discounts – Reduce the cost of a specific wash item ($2 off your ultimate wash).

§  Start Date – When the deal is active and can be added to a customer's virtual wallet.

§  End Date – The date the deal disappears from (or the final date it can be added to) the customer’s virtual wallet.

§  Claim Limit – How many times each customer can redeem the deal.

§  Expiration Type – There are 4 different expiration types. Below are definitions of each:

o   None – The deal will stay in the customer’s wallet until it is redeemed.

o  End Date – Will default the deal to expire on the end date listed above.

o  Custom – Lets you set how long the deal will be available for the customer to redeem after claiming, possibly after the “end date”. A lot of site operators like to use “Custom” and then expiration date of 7-14 days to create a sense of urgency.

o  Date – Allows you to enter in a manual expiration date. If the deal has not been redeemed before the end date, it will disappear from the customer's wallet on that date.

§  Item – Choose which item the deal is for.

§  Promo Code NameThis won’t be an option if you’re working with a Global Deal. This is the “secret” code customers have to enter to gain access to this deal (e.g. SPRING2022).

§  Color – Choose a complimentary color for the background of the item being displayed within the app.

§  Image– Choose from one of 17 images to add to the background of your product listing (custom images are not available at this time).

§  Allow Upgrades – If selected, when you scan the QR code, it will simply display a credit on the screen and will allow the customer to spend that credit however they want. If they choose a wash that is cheaper than the credit, they will not receive any type of refund*.

§  Auto Select – If selected, when you scan the QR code, it will select the wash package it is assigned to, but will allow you to add any buy-up associated to that wash. Customer will have to pay for any buy-ups added with cash or credit card*.

*Please note: If neither Allow Upgrades or Auto Select is selected, it will vend the wash assigned to the customer.

§  Locations – If you have multiple locations, you can toggle off any locations you don’t want the deal to be available at.

§  Terminals – Terminals is another word for kiosk. If you have multiple terminals, you can choose which terminals the deal is and isn’t available at.

Global Deals

Deals that are exposed to every app user and can be viewed by clicking on “Deals and Promo Codes”.

How to Create a New Global Deals:

§ Navigate to Mobile App > Deals

§ Select “Create/View Global Deals”

§ Click “Add New Deal”

§ Enter in deal details (terms and fields are defined above)

§ Hit “Save”

Global Deals Marketing Use Examples:

§  New App Member - Free/Discounted Wash Deal

§  Dollar Discount - Offer your app users a set amount off any wash or specific wash, this can be used to introduce customers to new or higher tier washes.

§  Create scheduled discounts to sync with marketing campaigns such as a July 4th event - Create a Deal that offers each wash at a slight discounted price during the July 4th holiday. Allow this Deal to be claimed a limited amount of times and set it to disappear from the app after July 4th. The discount can also expire at the same time to offer a limited window and drive traffic.

Promo Codes

Deals that are distributed through a private channel (for example, a magazine ad) that allows users to gain access to a special promotion.  

How to Create a New Promo Code

§ Navigate to Mobile App > Deals

§ Select “Create/View Promo Code Deals”

§ Click “Add New Deal”

§ Enter in deal details (terms and fields are defined above)

§ Hit “Save”

Promo Codes Marketing Use Examples:

Discounted Washes for First Responders - Create a Code and notify your local First Responders to inform them of the code.

·       Support your local schools - Create a discount for students/teachers and notify your local schools

·       Utilize social media and hold events where the online winner can be given a promo code to unlock a "Special" offer or award.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a great way to reach all your mobile app users at one time. Limit how many push notifications you send your customers. If you send them too frequently, customers will disable the notifications on their phone settings.

Push Notifications Title Tips:

§  Make sure your titles are short and eye-catchy.

§  Short titles do not get mutilated on various screens and can be the difference between being seen or being ignored.

§  This is the first thing your user will see in the message.

§  Ask yourself: What would get your attention?

Push Notifications Title Examples:

§  You Have to See This!!

§  Open Now for Savings!

§  New Deals

§  Open To Save

Push Notifications Body Tips:

§  Keep these short and to the point.

§  Think about what you like or dislike about notifications.

§  Make sure to be location specific if you have multiple sites.

Push Notifications Body Examples:

§  Stop in today and try our new Touchless Automatic, check our deals section for $2 off!

§  Claim your $5 off any wash deal today!

How to Create a New Push Notification

§ Navigate to Mobile App > Push Notifications

§ Enter in the notification title (see examples and tips above)

§ Enter in notification body (see examples and tips above)

§  Hit “Send” The notification will be sent instantly, so be sure you’re ready to send it!

Loyalty Points

Loyalty points are a way to reward your app users for making purchases through the app at your site. These points can be awarded for in-app purchases such as app Wash purchases, AirPay purchases, and Wash Bundle purchases if you like.

$1 spent in the app always equals 100 loyalty points. It is up to you to set the threshold of how many loyalty points people need to earn before they earn the award.

Create a New Loyalty Award

Similar to making a wash product or Deal for the mobile app. You will see a grid with any existing awards available for Loyalty points. Only one award can be assigned to the loyalty award program at a time. You can, however, create multiple awards to alternate between them at different times of the year or etc. By default, Hamilton creates a default award based on your top wash.

1.      You can create a new one by clicking the "New Loyalty Point Award" button underneath the grid or you can click on "Edit" to the right of the award.

2.      The pop-up window is similar to those you have seen elsewhere in Hosted Solutions, although less information is required for the award.

3.      Typical expiration is set between 7 and 14 days to motivate your user to come in and use the award.

4.      The only other notable field here is SKU, which can be any unique word or combination of letters and numbers to easily identify the item.

Don't forget to add a description to let your users know what they were just rewarded.

Loyalty Point Settings

Under this drop down you can choose which purchases your users are awarded for, as well as the point goal and image assigned to this award. By default, Hamilton checks “App Wash Purchases” and “AirPAY Purchases” as these occur at your full listed pricing.

Giving users loyalty points for purchasing wash bundles is possible, but optional. This is disabled by default because the user is already getting a great deal with a bundle.

Pressing the "Edit" button will allow you to make changes to any of the settings in the panel.

Set your point goal and the name for your award status.

You can also set the image and color for the award to give it the overall look and feel of your other products and deals.

Once finished press save to complete these settings.

Loyalty Point Description

This is the contextual information displayed on the Mobile App when someone clicks on the loyalty points area. We use some descriptive default text for this field. Clicking "Edit" will allow you to change this text to match any changes you may have made to the loyalty program. The important step here is to make sure to edit this text any time you make changes to the loyalty point program. This will help to ensure your users have all the current information when it comes to your plans.

Loyalty Point Notifications

This box allows you to edit the notification your users will receive through their mobile phone when they reach the loyalty goal.

The subject box allows you to edit the header of the notification. This will send your user a notification that mentions them by full name and the award that is being given.

Using our quick tags can save you typing and gives your users a feeling of being recognized. Check out the Default Content for an example on our Wiki:

Loyalty Point Email

This box allows you to edit the email your users will receive when they reach the loyalty goal.

Clicking "Edit" will allow you to enable or disable sending your user an email when they have reached the Loyalty award goal.

Again, you can utilize Hamilton tags to personalize this message for each of your users, quickly and easily.

Check out the Default Content for an example on our Wiki:

Using the Referral Program

Click on Referral Program underneath the Mobile App menu.

§  The Referral Program allows app users to invite friends and family members to download the app. Each user has a unique ‘Referral Code’ that can be shared.

§  When a friend uses the Referral Code after downloading the app, the original member gets notified and receives loyalty points.

§  The referred friend will receive a Referral Award as configured on this page, after they make their first purchase on the app.

§  Referral Program Settings is where you can name the Award and set the points given to those that invite friends. A person who invites is called the “Referrer” and those who get invited are “Recipients.

§  Most of the Referral Program Settings should make sense. However, do not change the Merchant URL information unless the site owner has explicitly expressed that either a website has changed for their business, or if Hamilton makes changes to the merchant page.

§  User Notifications: This category of settings is used to layout the wording of the messages that the Referrer and Recipient will get throughout the Referral process.

Birthday Club

§  Birthday Club Settings is where you can enable the birthday award as well as decide how it will look in the app. This is set up like other award settings.

§  Make sure to decide if you want to use the phone notifications and/or email. Email is NOT turned on by default.

AirPAY Details

This is the description and usage outline you see when you click on “AirPAY” in the mobile app for the first time.

Gift Email Details

When an app user sends someone a gift for a wash or item, these details are used within that email.

§  Wash Name should reflect the name of the site.

§  Footer: This is where you can add something to advertise or entice the recipient of the gift to download and use the app. You do not need the app to scan the gift email code and get your gift.

§  Store Links: These are used to provide links to get the app for any gift recipient who would like to. Do not edit these unless Hamilton notifies you to.

Locations and General Settings

• The Locations setting allows you to choose which locations the site owns that will be available on the app. If the location is not checked, app users will be unable to purchase/redeem washes for that location on the app.

• In General Settings under the Support Settings drop down, confirm that the correct phone number and email address are listed for customers seeking assistance at the site.

• The Support FAQ is predefined with frequent questions Hamilton has been asked previously. You may add to this list if desired.

• App Terms & Conditions is the legal text defining liability, app usage, and what is expected of the user through the app.

• Email Validation: this is an email message a customer would receive after registering on the app in a following email.

[A1]Suggestion: Maybe we add the details here even though its redundant