Making a Promo

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How to Create a Promo Code

The custom mobile app also offers the ability to utilize promo codes for private or special offers. These codes can be selectively given to customers or groups to offer a promotional deal that is exclusive to the code holder.

Let us create a promo code that you can share with a select group of customers:
1. Navigate to the Mobile App section of the menu and click on Deals.

  • There are two choices to choose from in Deals.
  • Let us create a deal that everyone can see on the app.

2. Click on the blue banner that says “Create/View Promo Code Deals.”

  • There is a grid for any deals that you make and a button beneath the grid that allows you to “Add New Deal”
  • This opens your new deal window. This is where it will request a Promo name for you to be able to differentiate the various promo codes you may have created.
  • Let us go through the steps to create a new Promo Code.

3. Click on the button “Add New Deal”
4. For the Deal name type something that reflects what it is for such as “Teachers Promotion". This will be the title of the Deal when it's retrieved via a promo code.
5. Choose your Award Type

  • Use the box to the right to choose the type of deal this will be.

6. A start date should be set to determine when the promo code can be entered in the app by customers.
7. The end date is the date that the Promo Code will no longer be useable on the app, but this does not have to be related to an expiration date.
8. A claim limit can be set to reduce the amount of times the same user can use this promo code.

  • This is a hard limit, once set, the user will be unable to exceed this limit, unless the limit is changed, or removed.

9. The expiration type can be set to a specific date on the calendar, a custom time span from years, months, and days, or even linked to the end date.

  • Some promotions may even have no expiration. Expiration is valid regardless of where the deal is, whether it has been claimed and, in a wallet. Once a deal expires it is no longer redeemable.

10. If you have chosen an Item as the award type you will have to choose which wash package you wish to associate with this promotion.

  • If you chose a transaction or item discount, you would need to set the value above the Start Date. The value dictates how much credit will be put on the kiosk when the promotional deal is scanned, or the code is entered.

11. Inside the greenish banner in the middle of the details window, there is a space to enter your promo code. This can be letters and or numbers. There are no special characters, and the code cannot include spaces.

  • For this example you could use something like "Teachers10" for a $10 discount on a wash or etc...Promo Codes are not case sensitive.

12. Set the deal to a complimentary color and choose an image for the background of the deal.

  • Allow Upgrades - if enabled, this treats the award as a credit, which would allow the customer to upgrade their wash if they chose to.
  • Auto Select - if enabled, this will automatically take the customer to the checkout page. If you do not offer buy-ups, it will automatically vend the wash.

13. Set the locations in which this deal can be redeemed and restrict the deal to a specific set of kiosks or all the kiosks.

Once the details look the way you want, click save and you have made your first Promo Code.

Award Types

Choose the type of deal this will be. The choices are:

  • Item: A direct wash item. When this is selected the promotion will give out a Wash package.
  • Transaction Dollar Discount: This allows you to give a promotion that will reduce the final cost of a transaction. Regardless of which wash package the customer may buy.
  • Item Dollar Discount: This allows you to give a promotion that will reduce the final cost of a specific wash package.