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When your mobile app customer reaches 10,000 points ($100 total spent), the next time they open the app they will be notified that they were given a free wash for their loyalty. Customers will receive a notification of the reward and can redeem it by going to their Wallet.

To set this up:
1. Navigate to the Mobile App icon, and click on “Loyalty points.”
2. You will see 5 drop down menus, starting at the top is Awards.
3. Click this header first so we can create an actual Loyalty Award.
4. You will see an award grid much like the Promo and Deal grid. Click on the “New Loyalty Point Award” button and create your first loyalty award.

  • You can create multiple awards but only one award at a time may be active for users to obtain.

5. Give your Loyalty Point Award a name.
6. Enter a description so your customers know more about what they are winning.
7. If you use SKU numbers to label your items, go ahead and enter that here.
8. Choose the wash package that will be awarded when a customer reaches the point limit.
9. There should be an expiration date on this award to reduce liability. Typically, Hamilton recommends 7 to 14 days (about 2 weeks).
10. Make sure that you have your locations set.
11. Set your terminal restrictions, if you have any.
12. Click save.

This created your first Loyalty Award, Now you have to set up what to do with this award.

Loyalty Point Settings
This is where to set the behavior of the loyalty Point award system. From how the award appears to what types of transactions are eligible for the point award.
1. Once you click “Edit,” you can check or uncheck the types of transactions you wish to award with loyalty points.

  • By default, Hamilton does not check App Bundle Purchases, the reasoning behind this is that most bundles are already heavily discounted.

2. Below the transaction options, there is the point goal. This is set to 10,000 by default which equates out to $100 in purchases. This can be changed to better match your location.

  • Make sure that when changing this number, you also edit the details, otherwise there can be some confusion by your customers.

3. From the drop down labeled “Award”, Choose the award you already created.
4. You can also change the name of your loyalty widget if you like from the field below.
5. Choose a complimentary color and a background image for the award.
6. Click save and return to the loyalty page.

The basic details about the loyalty point system can be defined in the Loyalty Point Description box. Anything that is changed, from the award to the points required to achieve the award should be outlined in this box. This information is displayed when someone taps on the loyalty award meter within the app.

The loyalty Point Notifications and the Email box give you the option of sending either an email or a phone notification to the award winner, notifying them of the award and to check the wallet. You can change this wording to better fit your locations.

Loyalty Point Description

  • Earn points every time you make an in-app purchase and work your way towards a FREE [NAME THE AWARD WASH]! Every time you buy a wash or use AirPAY your loyalty tracker will update with a current points total. When you reach [ENTER YOUR GOAL LEVEL] points, the next wash is on us! You'll receive a notification of your reward, and can redeem it by going to My Wallet.

Loyalty Point Notifications

  • "You have earned a free wash!" works well in subject. In the Notification body you can enter a bit more information and even use tags to save yourself from writing unique messages to each user. for example "Thank You {FullName}. You have earned a free {KioskItemName}.

Loyalty Point Email

  • Hi { FirstName }! Thanks for your loyalty to Hamilton Car Wash! Please enjoy your next wash on us - just go to 'My Wallet' in the app to claim it. You can redeem your free { KioskItemName } any time in the next 14 days! Regards, the Hamilton Car Wash team.

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Loyalty Points Settings Page