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License Plate Recognition is a new technology being implemented in the car Wash industry to help identify and validate consumers for subscription based products and services.

Kiosk Requirements

To take advantage of the LPR technology, you must have the following:


  • Commander
  • HTK
  • CTK


  • Hamilton LPR Camera


  • 3.1.23 - 3.2.13 Commander/HTK3/CTK3 > Supports LPR Configuration Only
  • 2.4.8+ HTK/CTK > Supports LPR Configuration Only
  • 3.2.14 - 3.3.X and above in Commander/HTK3/CTK3 > Supports LPR Configuration + Kiosk Sign Up

Kiosk Set-Up

Most of the heavy lifting for LPR actually occurs within Hosted Solutions. To make sure that the LPR camera can communicate to the kiosk, follow the LPR manual to confirm communication and proper installation. You can check the manual here.

Once you have confirmed that the LPR camera is communicating with the kiosk, make sure that the kiosk can communicate with Hosted Solutions and that the system works properly.


To make sure that the HTK/CTK is configured correctly, log in to your Kiosks programming side. It is assumed in this article that you already have the credentials to login and are familiar with the HTK/CTK programming screen.

Once you have logged into the HTK/CTK kiosk, you may continue with the following steps:

Set the Kiosk Wash Club Mode
  1. Tap/Click on Configuration
  2. Tap/Click on Application
  3. Tap/Click < Previous Page
  4. Tap/Click on Wash Clubs *If this is not visible, you must enable washclubs via the secret menu.
  5. Change the Wash Club Mode dropdown to LPR
  6. Click on Request Config - this should grab the Wash Club info from Hosted Solutions.
  7. Tap/Click on Save
  8. Exit to the Main programming page and click on "Clear Errors"
  9. Return to Configuration > Application > Wash Clubs
  10. Confirm the Wash Club Sign Up URL field is populated. If this is BLANK, stop here and check to make sure the controller does not have firewalls enabled. If there is a firewall. Disable it and repeat the Request Config process
  11. Once all other settings are saved and configured. Proceed back to the Wash Clubs page and move to step 12.
  12. Tap/Click on LPR Terms
  13. Make sure the LPR title reads "Wash Club Terms & Conditions"
  14. LPR Terms & Conditions can read "By joining our Wash Club, you understand that this is a recurring monthly fee. The card you use today will be charged every month on your anniversary date. I understand that this automatic recharge authorization shall remain in force until I cancel. I understand that the plan cost applies to a single vehicle."
  15. Tap/Click on Save
Activate the LPR camera
  1. Tap/Click on Configuration
  2. Tap/Click on Application
  3. Tap/Click on Hardware
  4. Tap/Click < Previous Page
  5. Tap/Click on Hamilton LPR
  6. Make sure the toggle for Enable LPR is set to "ON"
  7. Confirm there is a value in Host URL (Ex:*Address may differ based on site network.
  8. Confirm there is a value in Heartbeat Host (Ex:*Address may differ based on site network.
  9. Tap/Click on Save

Kiosk Sign up Settings

If the HTK/CTK or Commander kiosk has software version 3.2.14 - 3.3.X or above, the controller supports both the above LPR configuration as well as the Kiosk Sign Up feature. This allows the kiosk to capture contact information and payment information from a customer to enroll them into a monthly wash club. The average app user has already been using wash clubs via a sign up process within the app. Now a non app user may pull up to the kiosk and be presented with the option to sign up for a wash club. the process for this is as follows:

Enabling Kiosk Sign Up

Demo of Setting up Kiosk Sign up for Wash clubs using LPR. This video will be edited to improve quality and outline details in the near future.