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About the Customers Grid

The Customers section of the navigation menu offers a central area to check on both Wash Club / Mobile App users as well as Express pass members. The ability to change the contents of this user grid via the links at the top of the grid are ideal for quick access to all of your customers regardless of the service they use.

Quickly visualize the current Active accounts or All Accounts using the provided banners. These banners act as Instant filters, and upon clicking one of them, the grid is filtered to just the requested information. For marketing purposes you can even export the user list with emails and contact information to a .CSV for easy use in modern spreadsheet applications.

The Customer Grid Offers
Individual User Account Management
  • Password Management
  • Card Details
  • Vehicle Details
  • Personal User information
Quick Sorting Function Sort by various metrics including but not limited to:
  • Active Users
  • Wash Club Members
  • Non Validated Accounts
  • Total User View
  • Verify App User Count instantly
Separate ExpressPass Grid
  • Quickly Identify Accounts with Charge Errors
  • View Accounts in End Billing Pending

Using the Customers Grid

Mobile App

The Custom Mobile App from Hamilton is an optional product that works with with Hosted Solutions and allows merchants to operate and manage their own, branded mobile app. It is made available to customers through Google Play and the Apple App Store.

More about the Mobile App


Hamilton ExpressPass RFID is an access control system that offers a faster and more convenient way for customers to gain entry to services. Using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), ExpressPass reads a unique chip embedded in a windshield-mounted, tamper-proof tag. It then validates the account holder information in a secure database, before vending the appropriate service. All backend configuration and management is controlled in Hosted Solutions.

ExpressPass is available for Hamilton's HTK, CTK, Commander, and Gold Line® products, as well as a stand-alone Express Lane Installation (ELI)
Types of Awards
  • Item - Vend a complete service when the RFID tag is read (i.e. The Ultimate Wash item)
  • Transaction Dollar Discount - Take a little bit off the price of any wash purchase when the RFID tag is read.
  • Item Dollar Discounts - Reduce the cost of a specific wash item when the RFID tag is read.
Types of Pass Programs
  • Pay as You Go This type of pass will automatically charge the credit card each time the pass is used.
  • PrePaid A customer pays a monthly or yearly fee to obtain your services. This is the most common pass type used for 'Unlimited' programs.
  • Fleet This allows a customer to use the pass as much as they want, with a bill generated for their use at the end of each month.

Setting up ExpressPass


You can offer customers various types of codes through Hosted Solutions. These codes can be for Wash bundles, and for rewash. Some codes could even be used to help drive further business at your site. These different types and usage suggestions can be found on the Code page.


• Issue Rewash Codes instantly for a customer or send via email.
• Offer various businesses "bulk" single use codes.
• Issue a code on the bottom of a receipt to support a wash bundle.
• Flexible expiration settings for Single Use Codes.

More Information about Codes