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In a pre-paid Account if not all washes are used; do the remaining washes roll over to the following month? No, if your balance is 10 washes and you have 5 remaining at the end of the month they will be reset at the beginning of a new month.
If I have an invoice from a Express Customer; How do I identify the customer from the invoice? Note the Transaction ID on the invoice and follow these few steps
  1. Navigate to Reporting > ExpressPass> All Usage
  2. Narrow the start date filter to the date of the Invoice and click filter
  3. Click the Search category and choose Transaction Record ID
  4. Now type the Transaction Record ID in the search field and the list should auto populate to your results
Is there a Management App or Hosted Solutions Owner App? No, currently the Hosted Solutions Web page is accessible via any web connected device, and the web site is designed to scale with various screen resolutions. Hamilton has no current plans for a management app.
Where can I find the default text values for the various fields in Hosted Solutions? Check out The Default Content page.