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Wash Club Details VS RFID Important Details Screenshots
Wash Clubs provide an excellent alternative to Hamilton’s ExpressPass RFID system. The biggest “difference” between the two features is that in the standard RFID setup, you may have multiple users underneath one account. Effectively providing a “Group Plan”, in this plan there is one user who is the account head and is responsible for the account billing at the end of a month.

Wash Clubs where not designed with this “group” ideology. Since Wash Club members register via their personal phone, or directly from a kiosk, the club is registered to that device or vehicle (LPR) and is non-transferable except when the Wash Club member changes phones or gets a new license plate and makes the site owner aware that there has been a change made.

However, this difference has not stopped customers from asking about “Family/Group” Plans when it comes to Wash Clubs. In the past, there was no method for enabling a wash club for a user who had not directly purchased that wash club via the custom mobile app. Currently, there is not a plan in place to provide this level of functionality directly, as RFID has met this need effectively.

With the release of LPR (License Plate Recognition) to further streamline a wash club members experience, the “Family/Group” request has come back into the conversation. To protect the security of the account holder and restrict Wash Club access to the appropriate members, there is not a multiple member wash club function. However, the following information details how to offer a wash club to multiple “group/family” members that is discounted from the original purchase price but unavailable to purchase from the app directly. This functionality allows you to assign a discounted version of the primary wash club to additional “members”.

This process is entirely manual and requires you to manage the membership and eligibility if additional users decide to leave the plan or other situations occur. It is highly recommended that a user creates something as simple as a spreadsheet to track the primary memberships and any attached secondary plans, to make corrections easier if a member decides to leave.

  • The "Family" Wash Club process is entirely manual and requires you to manage the membership and eligibility.
  • There is not a multiple member wash club function.
  • With RFID one user is the account head and is responsible for the account billing at the end of a month
  • Using Wash Clubs to provide a "Family Plan" each user is responsible for their own bill.
  • Each Wash Club member requires their own phone with your app installed
  • All App users are required to enter card info on the app before they can be eligible for any type of Wash Club feature.

washclub settings

Creating Hidden Wash Clubs

Creating a Hidden Wash Club Take Aways Screenshot

This example is based on a pre-existing Wash Club. For these details, the primary wash club shall be identified as “The Ultimate Wash Club” priced at $40.00.

  1. Log into Hosted Solutions and navigate to Mobile App.
  2. Navigate to Wash Clubs > Wash Club Setup > and click the top menu for “Wash Clubs”. Here you would find a list of your current wash clubs and whether they are Active (visible for purchase on the app) or not Active (Still useable but not visible for purchase on the app).

For this example, we assume that “The Ultimate Wash Club” is already pre-existing and priced at $40.00 for both sign up and monthly price.

  1. Let’s create a new Wash Club by clicking the “New Wash Club button”.
  2. We will name this new wash club “Ultimate Family Wash Club”
  3. let’s say we plan on offering additional memberships for the rate of $22 a month. The sign up and monthly price would be set as 22.00.
  4. Go ahead fill out any other details such as the features included in the wash package and a complimentary color and image overlay.
  5. Next, uncheck “Active” this makes it so App users cannot purchase this wash club by “accident”.
  6. Once you have set your locations, any specific terminals and everything in the wash club looks good, click on Save.

You now have a “Hidden” wash club that can be assigned to a user who wishes to be part of a family plan.

• Unchecking ACTIVE on any existing or new Wash Club does not disable the club, it just removes it from the app for further purchase.
• Wash Clubs are married to the app owners phone and NOT the vehicle.
• Managing additional wash club members is NOT automatic and requires manual intervention if memberships change.
• A hidden Wash Club will bill automatically like a normal wash club, charged to the app users stored card credentials.

Non Active Wash Clubs

• Screenshots coming soon

Assigning a Hidden Wash Club

How to set a hidden Wash Club Definitions Screenshot

  1. Find the app user that wishes to be added to the “family plan” and click on their Username.
  2. Next scroll down to “Credit Card Info”.

There must be a value in here to properly bill the secondary user. As previously mentioned, there is no way to currently add this club to the bill of the primary account holder, unlike RFID. Therefore, any additional users must have a card on file to be appropriately billed the discounted “family plan” rate.

  1. Once you have confirmed Card information or the user has entered card info via the app.
  2. Go to “Wash Club Status” also located in the user profile and click “Edit”.
  3. Here you can choose to set the Wash Club Status to “Active” (this turns on usage for the Wash Club)
  4. Under Wash Club, select your “Ultimate Family Wash Club”
  5. Next you may make any changes to the Billing start date, this will set the day of the month the user will be billed for usage of the wash club.
  6. When you have completed this and click “Save”, you will be presented with a dialog box that asks if you wish to activate this account and lets you know they will be billed when the next billing runs (the same evening if a future date was not set)
  7. if you click “Yes” the washclub and account will be set to active and the user will be billed as specified.
  8. If for any reason you think there may have been a mistake, you can click “no” to return to the management screen.

Work In Progress

Non Active Wash Clubs