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Wash Club Content

Wash Club Content

Wash Club Terms
By agreeing to these terms, you understand that your Wash Club subscription is valid only for the vehicle you entered during this sign up process.

Your Wash Club subscription cannot be used from any other mobile devices, and wash codes cannot be shared. Violation of these terms may result in suspension or cancellation of your Wash Club membership without reimbursement.

This is a pre-paid, monthly service. The card you have registered with us will be billed every month on the anniversary date of your sign-up. A minimum 3 month commitment is required. You may cancel any time after your 3 month agreement by calling/emailing us with your request. Please allow up to 3 days for your request to be processed.

If you initiate a cancellation, you will be able to continue using your Wash Club for the remainder of your pre-paid period. No refunds will be given for unused periods.

If you change your phone handset or re-install this app, you may be locked out of the Wash Club. This is a security feature to prevent unauthorized use of your account. If this occurs, please contact us to explain your situation so we can reactivate your plan.

Wash Club Details
Our WASH CLUBS are a pre-paid express service that allow you to keep your vehicle clean year-round by paying a single monthly fee. To join a club simply choose your preferred package on the following screen, add your vehicle and payment information, and then start washing!

Redemption is easy - any time you want a wash, tap the 'Wash Club' button on the home screen to generate a unique code for your vehicle. Scan it at our kiosk and your wash will begin!

Please review our Terms and Conditions for specifics on how our plan works.

Referral Contents

Referral Content

Title : Invite a Friend
Referral Settings - Description
Do you love (Car Wash Name)? Invite your friends and family to download our app!

When a recipient downloads our app and enters your referral code during sign-up, you'll get 1,000 Loyalty Points after they make their first purchase. Earn yourself a free wash faster!

Referral Settings - Share Message
This is the car wash app I use to keep my car looking clean! Go try the cool app and use my referral code in the app when signing up for an opportunity for a free (Award Wash Name) wash.

Recipient Signup Notification
Notification Title : Welcome!
Notification Body
Thanks for downloading the { Account.DisplayName } app, { Recipient.FirstName }! As you've used { Referrer.FullName }'s referral code, we'll send you a { Recipient.AwardName } once you make your first wash purchase in the app. Don't forget - you can also participate in our referral program! Any time you refer a friend or family member to our app who makes a purchase, we'll add points to your Loyalty Account... helping you earn a free wash faster!

For more details, tap on 'Invite a Friend' from the menu.

Recipient First Purchase Notification
Notification Title : Your Reward is here!
Notification Body
You just made your first purchase in our app { Recipient.FirstName }! Check your wallet for a gift from us - it's just a small way of us saying thank you for your business.

See you again soon!

Referrer Signup Notification
Notification Title : Your recent referral
Notification Body
{ Recipient.FullName } just downloaded the { Account.DisplayName } app! Once they make their first purchase, we'll add some loyalty points to your account as a 'thank you'!

Referrer First Purchase Notification
Notification Title : Loyalty points are coming your way!
Notification Body
Thanks again for referring { Recipient.FullName } to our app, { Referrer.FirstName }! They just made their first purchase, so as a thank you we’re giving you 1,000 loyalty points to help you earn a free wash faster.

We appreciate your loyalty!

Loyalty Points Content

Loyalty Point Description Loyalty Point Email Loyalty Point Notifications
Earn points every time you make an in-app purchase or use AirPAY and work your way towards a FREE WASH!

Your loyalty tracker will update with a current points tally every time you make a purchase, so it’s easy to keep track of how close you are to your reward. When you reach 10,000 points ($100 total spent), the next wash is on us! You'll receive a notification of your reward and can redeem it by going to My Wallet.

Subject: You've Earned a FREE Wash!

Content Hi { FirstName }! Thanks for your loyalty to Hamilton Car Wash! Please enjoy your next wash on us - just go to 'My Wallet' in the app to claim it. You can redeem your free { KioskItemName } any time in the next 14 days! Regards, the Hamilton Car Wash team.

Subject: You've Earned a FREE Wash!

Content Thanks for your loyalty {FirstName}! You have earned a FREE {KioskItemName} - to redeem, open our app, go to your wallet, and scan the code at our kiosk next time you visit!