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Customer Grid.png

About the Customers Grid

The Customers section of the navigation menu offers a central area to check on both Wash Club / Mobile App users as well as Express pass members. The ability to change the contents of this user grid via the links at the top of the grid are ideal for quick access to all of your customers regardless of the service they use.

Quickly visualize the current Active accounts or All Accounts using the provided banners. These banners act as Instant filters, and upon clicking one of them, the grid is filtered to just the requested information. For marketing purposes you can even export the user list with emails and contact information to a .CSV for easy use in modern spreadsheet applications.

The Customer Grid Offers
Individual User Account Management
  • Password Management
  • Card Details
  • Vehicle Details
  • Personal User information
Quick Sorting Function Sort by various metrics including but not limited to:
  • Active Users
  • Wash Club Members
  • Non Validated Accounts
  • Total User View
  • Verify App User Count instantly
Separate ExpressPass Grid
  • Quickly Identify Accounts with Charge Errors
  • View Accounts in End Billing Pending

Wash Club Members

About the Wash Club Members Grid
This is the default Grid that appears when you first click on Customers in the navigation menu. The name can be a little misleading for this grid. This grid will display your mobile app user's, a wash club subscription is not required to have this grid populated
Mobile App Total Active Customer Count
By default this filter will be active when loading the Customer grid.

This filter will display all currently active accounts within the Mobile App users grid.

Active Wash Club users Count and Filter
This filter will display all current Wash Club member accounts within the Mobile App users grid.
Invalid Wash Club Member Accounts
This filter will display all invalid accounts within the Mobile App users grid.

These are accounts that have not verified their email address.

These accounts can be activated manually if need be.

Mobile App total customer count
This filter will display all accounts within the Mobile App users grid.

These accounts may be in various conditions from invalid, or inactive to active.

This is used to list all users known in the system.

The Customer Grid
A Complete Customer grid view.

User Management

Managing Mobile App User Accounts and Wallet
By clicking on the name of a user in the User grid, you will load that individual users settings. These settings allow you to quickly see any information stored from this user. This information consist of any contact information and birthdate.

Quickly reset a users password for the mobile app at the tap of a button (the password is displayed to you and sent via email to the registered user). You can edit and make corrections to specific user information directly. View any Wash Club information, Card information and check the Claimed Deal, Purchase and Wash Club transaction history directly from the user account.

There is even a User Wallet button to manage transactions that the user has initialized within the app.

Wallet & Activity Definitions
  • Claimed Deals - This button loads a grid that lists the Deal transactions made by this user. You can check expiration and the code here as well as whether it has been voided or not. This report can be printed.
  • Purchases - This button loads a grid that lists the purchases made by this user in the app. You can check purchase dates here as well as if it was a gift or it has been voided or not. This report can be printed.
  • Wash Club Transactions - This button loads a grid that lists the Wash Club transactions made by this user. You can check the location used and the club here. This report can be printed.
  • User Wallet - This button loads a grid that lists all items in the wallet of this user. You can check codes, max uses, the date it was purchased or claimed and can even void incorrect purchases.
Profile Definitions
  • User Status - Whether this user is Active, Inactive, or Not Validated
  • Email - The email account used to register. This can be corrected from the Edit button, if the user changes email or makes a typo that causes non validation. You can also edit user vehicle information.
  • Phone - A contact number provided by the user.
  • Birthday - The date of birth if entered by the user (Optional)

Loyalty Point Management

Managing Mobile App User Loyalty Points Adjusting Loyalty points
By clicking the Loyalty Points drop down under User Management, you can get a view of the current loyalty points earned by a mobile app user. There is a provided grid that shows the amount of points earned, the time and date of these were earned and a comparisons of total points to points required to reach the loyalty award goal. If these points where adjusted with the "Adjust Points" button, the user logged into Hosted solutions would be listed under the "Adjusted by" category. A transaction ID that links to an invoice is also provided. To adjust the loyalty points assigned to an app user, click the "Adjust Points" button. This will open a pop up that allows you to enter positive or negative whole numbers. To add loyalty points to a user simply type a positive number and press "Update", similarly if a user accidentally got awarded to many points, simply enter a negative number and press "Update" to remove that amount of points. This transaction will be recorded in the loyalty points panel
  • Points Earned - The total amount of loyalty points earned by the user in a specific transaction.
  • Time - The date and time that the loyalty points where earned.
  • Total - The total amount of loyalty points earned by the user overall.
  • Goal - The total amount of loyalty points required before the user earns a loyalty award.
  • Award - if a loyalty award was given, this will define which award was distributed to the user.
  • Adjusted by - If the loyalty points where given or taken by a Hosted solutions user, the login credentials will be listed here.
  • Trans Record ID - A quick link to an invoice of this specific transaction.

Wash Club Management

Managing Mobile App User Wash Club Information Definitions

Wash Club Management and Status Panel
By clicking the Wash Club Management drop down under User Management, you can get a view of the current Wash Club settings for this specific user. This will show the user account name and ID, as well as reflect the global wash club settings unless they are modified for this user. You can see at glance the max Use Period of the wash club, as well as the options set forth for it. Below this information you will also find the Wash Club Status and an edit button to be able to make direct edits to the settings of a users Wash Club.

Adjusting Wash Club Settings
To adjust the Wash Club features for app user, click the "Edit" button next to "WASH CLUB STATUS". This will open a new page that allows you to change a users wash club status and the wash club they belong to. You can even make adjustments to the billing date with a handy drop down calendar in case you want to push billing out to a set date each month.

Wash Club Management Definitions

  • Active : The current account is active and will be billed normally.
  • Inactive : The current account is no longer active and cannot redeem awards, or be billed.
  • CreditHold : This will pause billing for a customer. This pauses the account without closing it and is usually caused by a failed card transaction.
  • End Billing Pending : To end an account at the end of billing cycle. This will have the account go inactive after the current billing.
  • Billing Hold : Suspended billing and redemption of a users wash club. Use this if a user is traveling and will not be back for an extended period of time.
  • None : Default Value before activation

It should be noted that although currently it may seem like CreditHold and Billing Hold function the same. They are for different purposes and in the near future, one of these options may be removed for clarity

Credit Card Info

Managing Mobile App User Credit Card Information Processor Details

Credit Card Information Panel
By clicking the Credit card Info drop down under User Management, you can get a view of the Card on File information for this specific user. This will show the Card Processor, as well as reflect the card type, and a masked version of the card number exposing just the last 4 digits for clarification and identification. The expiration date is also listed for quick reference.

Adding a Credit Card
To add a new card to a user's account, click the "Add Card" button and a new window will open. You will be asked for the new card number, expiration date and CVV on the back of the card. The card will be charged $1 as a pre-authorization check. This $1.00 charge should fall off the users account within 1 to 2 ACH business days. Clicking "PROCESS TRANSACTION" will proceed with the card entry information. Click "Cancel Transaction" to return to the User Management Panel.

Removing a Credit Card To remove a credit card currently on file due to expiration or card changes, click the red button labeled "Remove Credit Card". This will present you with three options.

  • Remove card - Does as the button says and removes any card related information from the user account.
  • Remove Card and inactivate Wash Club - Does the same as above however it also turns the Wash Club status to inactive to immediately stop any Wash Club activity for this user.
  • Change account to End Billing Pending - Does the same as "Remove Card" however it leaves the Wash CLub active until the next billing date at which point the Club is set to inactive.
  • Exact: This is the legacy account for E-xact processing. For compatibility we keep this option but highly recommend the Exact Hosted choice.
  • Exact Hosted: This is the preferred selection for our US based customers who are currently not using EMV readers and are utilizing the E-xact gateway. This also provides service to our Canadian customers who utilize the Hamilton Custom Mobile App.
  • Moneris: This selection is the current provider in our Canadian regions that handle EMV transactions. This is only for if a site does not utilize the Hamilton Custom Mobile App.
  • Payment Express: Another legacy gateway to provide compatibility to some of our early adopters of EMV and Hosted Solutions.
  • Worldpay: Our newest gateway that handles EMV/Mobile transactions in the US. This selection supports both the Hamilton Custom Mobile App as well as EMV equipped kiosks.