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Single-Use Codes

These codes vend a full service. They are scanned at the barcode reader or entered on a keypad, and expire after one use. You may send one or multiple single use codes to a customer, and set an expiration time/date. Example of a Single-Use Code is 012-345-678, it is 9-digits and will start with a zero.

*Note: It is important to not use the "#" sign in the name of any single use code. The "#" is reserved within the exported file and will cause the Single Use Code Report to fail in exporting code usage information.

Usage Scenarios

Rewash Credit - if a customer is not satisfied with their wash, you can send a single use code to allow them a rewash 'on the house'. You can specify the wash package the code will vend in Hosted Solutions.

Loyalty Reward - you could issue single use codes to your most loyal customers. For example, you could send a code during a holiday to thank them for their business.

Code Volume

Click Here to Expand Volume Levels .....
  1. 25 individual codes per day
  2. no bulk/batch code generation
  1. 100 individual codes per day
  2. Up to 100 batch-generated codes per day
  1. up to 1000 individual codes per day
  2. up to 500 batch-generated codes per day
Bulk Code requests that exceed our daily limits can be

made by contacting our marketing dept.

Wash Bundles

Hamilton HTK/CTK and Commander kiosks can offer multiple was packages (Bundles) for purchase either directly at a Kiosk or via the Custom Mobile app, the Silver and Gold memberships are required for bundle use. Users can redeem subsequent washes either with a barcode, a 9-digit manual code entry, or QR code scan. The set-up of bundles requires configuration both in Hosted Solutions and in the HTK/CTK or Commander.

Wash Bundle Creation

  • Within Hosted Solutions navigate to Codes> Wash Bundles
  • Choose Add Bundle.
  • The SKU needs to be set to a unique number or letter that is not being used.
  • Enter a name to identify the bundle E.X "Deluxe 5 Wash Bundle".
  • Enter the Price for the bundle.
  • Click Submit

Wash Bundle Setup

Now that the wash bundle has been created, you will need to enable them and set their specific details:

  1. Within Hosted Solutions navigate to Codes> Wash Bundles
  2. Choose Add Wash Bundles
  3. Choose your newly created Wash Bundle from the drop down.
  4. Select the wash item associated to this wash bundle in the Vend Item drop down.
  5. Set the maximum amount of washes this bundle is good for in the Max Uses field.
  6. You may also choose to have your bundle expire within a set amount of years, months or days. This can be set by using the Has Expiration toggle.
  7. Once this has been done, click Submit.

Wash Bundle Settings

  1. Within the Wash Bundles page located beneath the grid, expand the Wash Bundle Settings.
  2. Allow Upgrades - This gives you the option to override the Upgrade option on the kiosk. The possible values and the definitions are:
    • "Award Default" - Bundles typically do not allow upgrades and this follows that ideology. This Disables Auto Select
    • "Kiosk Default" - This relies on whatever the Kiosk is set to when a wash is requested. This Disables Auto Select
    • "Yes" - Overrides any settings at the kiosk to offer a wash upgrade for the pricing difference when the bundle wash is redeemed. This will allow you to set the Auto Select feature.
    • "No" - Overrides any settings at the kiosk to disable offering a wash upgrade when the bundle wash is redeemed. This will allow you to set the Auto Select feature.
  3. Auto Select - This allows you to auto select the item on bundle redemption and move forward with the sale. This will only be an option if you choose the "Yes" or "No" value for Allow Upgrades.
  4. Wash Bundle Messages - allows you to customize the message that will be printed on the bottom of the receipt (where it will show the remaining use count of a customers wash bundle purchase).
  5. Issue Receipt Message - This is the first message a purchaser see's when they make the first bundle purchase.
  6. Receipt Message - This is the message that prints at the bottom of the receipt when the bundle is redeemed after the first purchase.
  7. If you wish to edit the default message for either of these values, click the Edit button, make your changes.
  8. click Save.
Configuration in Hosted Solutions is now complete. The next step is to program the HTK/CTK or Commander Kiosk. Please contact Hamilton Customer Service for assistance in programming your specific kiosks, as additional updates may be required.

Receipt Codes

Codes can be printed at the bottom of transaction receipts for a variety of reasons. First an award must be created for the code to reference. Multiple awards may be created but only one award can be assigned to a kiosk item at a time. This is not offered with the Bronze membership.

Receipt Code Creation

Navigate to Codes > Receipt Codes within Hosted Solutions. Here you will see a grid listing Item name, Item SKU, Item ID, Award Type, Message, and if the Award is enabled or disabled. Below this grid is a button to "Add Receipt Code".

  1. Click on the "Add Receipt Button"
  2. Fill out the Receipt Code window to create a new receipt code award.
  3. Kiosk Item - The Kiosk Item that when purchased will issue this Award.
  4. Award Type - These are defined below.
  5. Discount Value - Enter a value here if the Award Type is set to a discount.
  6. Time - Set a duration if the award type is set to Time.
  7. Max Uses - Set how many times this Award can be redeemed.
  8. Expiration - if this Award Expires, add the amount of days.
  9. Enabled - toggle this switch to allow this award to be turned on or off.
  10. Allow Upgrades - This gives you the option to override the Upgrade option on the kiosk.
  11. Auto Select - This allows you to auto select the item on Award redemption and proceed with the transaction. This will only be an option if you chose the "True" or "False" value for Allow Upgrades.
  12. Locations - Check the box next to each location this award can be redeemed.
  13. Terminals - This field allows a traffic control. If no value is entered here, this award will be redeemable at all compatible kiosks at the chosen locations. If a Terminal ID is entered the award will only be redeemable at the specified kiosk.
  14. Message - Any details or information entered here will print at the bottom of the receipt.
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App Award Code
App Wash Code
Receipt Code
Rewash Code
Wash Code
App Bundle Code
Bundle Code
Prepaid Pass
Fleet Pass
Daily Pass
App Wash Club
App Promo Deal Code
App Referral Code
App Wash Club Time
App Deal Code
Receipt Code Time

Bundle Code Grid

The Bundle Code Grid is where any bundles bought through the kiosk (HTK/CTK/Commander) will show up. The grid will display the code with a dropdown showing where it was redeemed; if it was sent to a phone, the customer's number would appear, the type of bundle they bought, expiration, issue and last used dates, use count, and max uses. If a customer tells you they lost their bundle and you have the kiosk set to “Get Mobile Number”, there will be a bubble next to the number. When pressed, it will send that code back to the customer's phone via text.

If this function is on, you will not get bundles on the receipt, they will only be sent via text. The same applies if you get bundles on the receipt; you can’t get a text with the bundle.

You may have a long list of bundles. If you know the code and want to check the use count, input the code in the “Search List” box; this will remove all other codes and clean up the search for you.

Code Look Up

The only function of Code Look Up is to allow you to look up single-use codes and kiosk bundle codes; nothing else is visible.


The Setup section is designed for the Single Use Code aspect of Hosted Solutions and allows you to set default values for Single Use Code creation. This allows you to utilize the single use code feature faster without having to worry about specific settings unless perhaps it is for a one off situation.

The two fields here that can be edited are as follows, to edit these values you must first click the Edit button:

  • Default Expiration Time - This is broken into Days, Hours, and Minutes. Setting the expiration time here, means you can stick with default values when going through the code creation process and know that each code will adhere to a preset expiration.
  • Default Message - It is always good for users to receive a message or notification when a single use code has been issued to them. This blank field allows a default message to be set so that the code creation process can be shortened. You may still set your own custom message on a per use basis on the Single Use Codes page.